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7 Stage of Marriage

To maintain and build a successful marriage life is a challenging task for the couple. Understanding the various phases of marriage and the stages you'll experience as a team may enable you to make a more grounded and additionally satisfying relationship.

Marriage Phase One: Passion

It is an initial stage of marriage and also denotes to honeymoon phase or springtime for couple life where both individuals mostly free from upcoming responsibilities and enjoy their married life. After some time, the couple lost their initial stage magic due to responsibilities and other reasons. So it is necessary & good to maintain and heat up the passion in married life for a successful and happy married life.  According to the study, Passion stage madly falls the couples in love, that’s why they begin to establish trust, respect and emotionally attached.

Marriage Phase Two: Realization

It is a real version of married life where you and your partner busy in responsibilities, child life, facing crises of finance, etc. Conflicts and disappointments are part and hallmark of married life. In this phase, both individuals have to openly discuss their needs, problem and other things for the smoothness of married life.        

Marriage Phase Three: Rebellion

It is the stage where both are missing their friend s, favorite games, picnic spots and etc, but when they realize that they miss and lost their favorite phases, be prepare for battle.  It is common, but the couple who successfully manage and navigate realization phases, lay to success married life.

Marriage Phase Four: Cooperation

It is that stage where the couple responsibilities are grown, the child has arrived, and the carrier is grown and growing.  So cooperation between the couple is must because it balances the couple life.

Marriage Phase Fifth: Reunion

This stage usually comes after 15 to 20 years when the children are grown and get married and start their new life. This time your carrier is set & finance is established. This is the time when they reunite and appreciate each other not as lovers, as parents and thank you each other to cooperate

Marriage Phase sixth: Explosion

Job issues, health issues, migration, financial troubles, unexpected death of a parent – as you pass through midlife, various life up and down seem to come one upon other.  In this stage, you and your partner are dealing with the major & life-shaking events which can affect the order of life circle. The mission of the explosion stage is to deal with the best life’s challenges and changes, but at the same time, keep yourself and married life balance, happy and healthy.

Marriage Phase seven: Completion

Lots of survey and studies find that marital life happiness soars are part of life. Initial to till the end, they face many life phases where they experience many things.

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