Friday, 05 Jul 2019

Arranged Marriage a better decision

Marriage is a lifelong decision which changes your Whole life. It does not amend you and your life partner also faces the same one. Whether it is a love or arranged marriage. Arrange marriage is one of the traditional way followed by several years. The couple performs the wedding as per the parent’s or elder’s choice. Most of the arrange marriages are fixed by the elder’s of the family, but today due to the use of technology, they also prefer online marriage bureaus for marriage. The only difference between the traditional system or online marriage bureaus that they use technology or electric media, but the concept of marriage is same.

Arrange marriages seem to be beautiful and more successful due to they follow each other and have a mutual understanding for every concern. As we know that people don’t marry with that who don’t know but in arrange marriage you have enough time to know each other and even parents also allow you to meet with your life partner before marriage.

Features of arranged marriage that will change your mind

Social Compatibility

Before fix marriage, parents cross check the family background, culture, religion, values, social status, and many other things. These things can further prove to be a great benefit in making the partners compatible for a happy married life.

Equal respect to each other

Both families take care of your family pride and both parents become responsible and do not play any act which can spoil your life. Thus the couple respects each other equally.   

Sharing a great bond with the family

You will get more love and affection from families when you marry with parent’s choice person. Having a good relationship with your family can make you comfortable in a new family.

Immense understanding

You don’t feel uncomfortable while making a little change when your families are with you. They understand your adjustments and corporate with your while adjustments.


In a arrange marriage, you don’t know each other in a good way and love don’t make your relationship healthy. It is only trusted and mutual understanding which can help you full fill your commitments.

Final word: Love, affection, mutual understanding, and trust are the main factor of any good relationship.

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