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Bio Data For Marriage

Create customized bio data for marriage for online marriage bureau is more important like a job CV. It is a representation of you for a marriage proposal for any matrimonial website. A Matrimonial biodata for marriage is an essential and fundamental source for marriage bureaus that work to find a match for a prospective partner. Like a job resume, filling a marriage bio data is easy, just the content is asked different only which are related to marriage and partner expectation.

Almost each website format is the same. Generally, there are a few sections that should include your detail for marriage. These are Personal details, professional, family, contact detail and horoscope detail (optional). 

Bio data Format For Marriage

Personal Detail

It includes your Name, Religion, Marital Status (Never married, separated/ divorced), Date of birth and birthplace, Body Type (Height/Weight), Habits (smoking, Drinking, vegetarianism, etc.) and Educational Qualifications

Professional Details

This section covers your Job Status (currently working or not or other), Job Profile(Post/position), Company Detail if need to contact for an inquiry by the family

Family Detail

Family detail in marriage biodata format includes Father and mother’s name & their occupation, Siblings detail and about your Family (Describe in few words)

Contact Information

This column contains your contact email, Mobile number, WhatsApp number or other Intermediate media (Skype, etc). This information is used for further procedure.

Horoscope detail

It is not necessary to provide the horoscope detail. If you believe in it, then you can provide your horoscope detail, otherwise, leave it. But if you belong to the Hindu religion and follow the Hindu culture, then you must have to enter the detail because they must check the marriage compatibility. The Horoscope detail includes your Rashi, Gotra, caste, subcaste, birth time, birthplace, etc.  Today most of the Indian Matrimonial website also provides online horoscope creation facility. You can create your horoscope within a minute just enter the few information in it.

Final words: Make sure that you must enter all detail correctly and check once before submitting because you are representing yourself for a wedding life partner.

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